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Statement made by Nurses show patients are in danger

It is not a surprise to learn that the NHS does not employ enough staff to be able to provide appropriate care and treatment to patients.

A recently revealed statement by Nurses within the NHS have said that individuals who suffer, for example, from cancer are put at a great risk as their care is “severely compromises” as a direct result of staff shortages within the Hospitals.

Some of the Nurses who have worked for the NHS for a considerable amount of time and are equipped to compare past and current NHS failings are of the view that the NHS are currently experiencing some of the worst staff shortages in decades. Nurses are instructed to carry out procedures beyond their expertise. Nurses have raised concerns that it is often seen that not enough Nurses who have the “right skills” are employed and, unfortunately, having full staffing levels is becoming a “rare event”.

One of the Nurses state: “A lack of trained chemotherapy nurses means we are treating patients every day in an unsafe manner, mistakes are being made and management have no answers to the staffing crisis.

Another Nurse has stated: “Our [cancer] patients may have to have less psychological support as we do not have the time to sit with them and reassure them. It may also mean that timely chemotherapy delivery is difficult. Today’s shift, where we were fully staffed with the majority of our own team, was a very rare event.

Nurses have also raised concerned with regards to patients who require surgery. It has been noted that the number of Nurses running theatre lists on a daily basis are inadequate meaning that patient care is “severely compromised”.

Nurses have raised their concerns, however, these appear to have been dismissed on the basis that nothing major has happened. Swain & Co Solicitors are of the view that this is not the approach the NHS should be adopting as individuals who need medical professionals’ assistance the most.

The Clinical Negligence team at Swain & Co Solicitors regularly win compensation for their clients who have experienced substandard treatment or a failure to provide treatment. If you, a family member or a friend have experienced problems regarding substandard medical treatment contact our team today on 023 92 483322.

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