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TB misdiagnosed as lovestruck teenager!

An inquest heard yesterday that a teenage girl died from tuberculosis (TB) after doctors accused her of being lovesick and they ignored 50 calls from her worried family.

Despite having a history of TB, Alina Sarag’s parents said she was told that the symptoms were all in her head and she may have bulimia.

In March 2009 Alina was diagnosed with TB but seemed to recover, being discharged from a chest clinic seven months later.

On returning from a holiday in Pakistan in August 2010 Alina was suffering severe weight loss, breathing difficulties and repeated vomiting and was treated at four different hospitals.

Allegedly her GP failed to carry out TB tests suggesting instead that she should see a psychiatrist or a spiritual healer. He also allegedly accused her parents of ‘mollycoddling’ her and asked Alina if she had met someone on holiday and if she was missing him.

Birmingham Children’s hospital also dismissed Alina’s health problems as a psychological issue.

Alina died after being taken to hospital in January with breathing difficulties

Swain & Co.’s specialist medical negligence solicitors are shocked that this poor girl suffered so much pain and tragically died despite the fact that she had previous recent history of tuberculosis. Alina’s GP failed to diagnose, hospitals failed to diagnose and therefore Alina never got the treatment she needed.

This is may be yet another preventable death and a case of negligence.

If you or a loved one have suffered from the failure to diagnose, or a delay in diagnosis, which has led to health complications or even death of a loved one, then you need to speak to Swain & Co. medical negligence solicitors.

We can get you the answers you need and fight for the compensation you deserve. We offer a FREE initial consultation, can act on a no win no fee basis and guarantee you 100% of your awarded compensation.

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