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Womens care reviewed at UK hospitals

Womens care reviewed at UK hospitals

A UK Hospital Trust is reported, 22nd April 2021, as undertaking a review of a number of patients treated by a particular Surgeon as a result of at least 8 patients reporting harm following workers at the Trust raising concerns.

Initially, the Trust reviewed patients who had undergone major surgeries such as hysterectomies but has since expanded the review to those patients who had received intermediate care including diagnostic testing.

The type of harm caused has not been revealed but it is understood that the women are being represented by a large UK law firm seeking redress and financial compensation.

It is concerning to hear that women, undertaking complex major surgeries have been let down in this way.  When a patient puts themselves, quite literally, in the “hands” of a Surgeon, that medical professional owes the patient a duty of care.  When that duty of care is breached there may be negligence and that can give rise to a claim for medical negligence.

If the breach of duty of care, negligence has caused or contributed to physical or emotional damage financial compensation may be appropriate.  Depending on the severity of that damage, the value of those damages can be significant.

Melanie Lidstone-Land, Head of Clinical Negligence at Swain & Co has acted for many women who have suffered damage as a result of negligently performed hysterectomies as well as cases where the post-operative care has been poor with failures to recognise internal damage soon enough to prevent ongoing and lasting damage.   Those cases have settled for large amounts of compensation and have been as a result of negligence in both the NHS and the private health sector.

Melanie says;

“Often, for women, gynaecological surgery is the end result of many months or, even years, of GP review, referrals to Hospital and endless investigations.  During this time they have often experienced pain, sometimes so bad that it prevents them from living their lives as they should.  The prospect of surgery, whilst naturally daunting, represents to those women an end to the pain and suffering.  It is dreadful that for some, when the surgery goes wrong, it actually represents yet more pain and suffering which is needless and could have been prevented.”

If you or someone you know has suffered a surgical mistake, a failure to diagnose or a delay in diagnosis relating to Gynaecological problems, call today and speak to our dedicated medical negligence team.

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