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Expert Mental Health team at Swain & Co Solicitors – who are they?

At Swain & Co Solicitors, we have an expert team of mental health lawyers.

Experienced in mental health law representing individuals and organisations on a wide variety of mental health issues.

Many lawyers in our department are members of the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel. With advanced knowledge, skillset and experience in Mental Health Law  and Mental Capacity Law.

We can thoroughly assist on a wide variety of issues.

Swain & Co hold a Legal Aid Contract with the Legal Aid Agency. This enables us to offer free legal advice on all matters where applications are made to the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health) and on many other aspects of advice to people detained under the Mental Health Act.

Swain & Co Solicitors Staff Profile Image - Melanie Lidstone-Land specialises in Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury and Mental Health cases.Leading the Mental Health team is Melanie Lidstone-Land.

Melanie is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and has been practising Mental Health Law at Swain & Co Solicitors for 12 years.

With a wide experience of mental health law Melanie works tirelessly, using her tactical awareness and her legal knowledge to approach even the most difficult cases.

Having been a Fellow of CILEx since 1996, Melanie has obtained over twenty years experience as a lawyer.  She is a member of the Law Society Mental Health Panel and regularly represents clients before the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Melanie also specialises in work that protects people who lack the mental capacity to make certain decisions for themselves. She always strives to provide effective action for her clients and prides herself on providing consistent and excellent service.

Also a member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Tribunal Panel is the Finance Director of Swain & Co, Adrian Syms.

Regularly representing clients seeking discharge, Adrian has detailed knowledge and experience in challenging Health Authorities. Adrian’s reputation precedes him, with many clients seeking him specifically to challenge organisations on all types of Mental Health issues.

Adrian is extremely skilled in working on complex cases that require lengthy Tribunal hearings and cross examination of independent expert witnesses.  Adrian too, works to protect patients who are detained under the Mental Health Act as well as those that are subject of the Mental Capacity Act.

Doreen Chakani | Specialist Mental Health Lawyer | Swain & Co So

Central to the mental health team at Swain & Co is Doreen Chakani.

Doreen is also a member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Tribunal Panel, representing those who are detained under both civil and criminal sections of the Mental Health Act 1983.

As well as Tribunal Hearings, Doreen attends Hospital Managers Hearings and Care Programme Approach Meetings in order to provide the most thorough representation for her clients.  Doreen’s calm and measured approach works exceedingly well before Tribunal panels and show cases her detailed knowledge of the Mental Health Law.  Doreen prides herself on supporting her clients and ensuring that their views are expressed and noted by mental health professionals.

Tiffany Hoole is the teams’ most recent addition to the Law Society Mental Health panel.  Few lawyers have the passion and determination that Tiffany has.  She strives, every day, to ensure that her client’s wishes and views are heard and acted upon.  Tiffany graduated with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, where her interest in Mental Health law began. Her passion for Mental Health law shows in her success rate when representing clients before the First-Tier tribunal.

The newest member of the Mental Health team at Swain & Co is Kara Babbage. Kara is training to become a Mental Health Lawyer and currently works as a legal assistant in the Mental Health team. With a degree in law Kara possesses a wide academic knowledge in mental health law and is on hand to assist the Mental Health team whenever she can.  Kara is tenacious and hard working.  She is ambitious and the team are excited to be a part of her legal “journey”.

At the firm’s Liverpool office are Tom Battarbee and Emma McClure.  Both Tom and Emma are members of the Law Society’s Mental Health Tribunal Panel and represent clients at Mental Health Review Tribunals and Managers Hearings.

Our Liverpool office has an excellent reputation for Mental Health Law.

Tom has many years experience in Mental Health Law and has spent time training Emma who is similarly skilled.

Both Tom and Emma cross specialise in Prison Law which allows a special advantage when assisting clients who have transferred from prison to the Mental Health system.

If you or a loved one needs help with mental health issues, call us today on 02392 483322.

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