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The NHS celebrates its 70th birthday

The NHS celebrates its 70th birthday.

A series of programmes designed to showcase all of the best bits aired on ITV.

In particular the programme hosted by Davina McCall where she spent time “live” in an A&E department in Leeds.

Many reviews have been posted on line about the programme. These questions whether or not it made good viewing, what the public felt about it and how fantastic the staff at the unit were.

I have no doubt that the staff in all of our Hospitals, across all departments are fantastic and dedicated.  They do a very demanding job under very difficult circumstances and with, if we are to believe the politics, a significantly low budget.

Surely though, the current people to critique the services provided are the people who use it – the general public, you and I, our friends and our family.  What is our experience of the NHS?

I think it is true to say that our experience is just that – dedicated staff working extremely hard to deliver medical care to the best standard possible given the restrictions of an NHS system that is starved of funds and, according to many, run by politicians / high ranking medics that have lost touch with the reality of the system.

BUT our experience is also:

  • long, frustrating waiting times.
  • Cancelled operations.
  • Delays in referrals to experts.
  • Delays in treatment.

We are all grateful for the NHS, it is excellent at emergency care (especially the bits that get shown on prime time TV - excuse my cynicism).

But what happens after that? 

What happens when the emergency is over and there is a need for delivery of consistent, quality care in a timely fashion? 

Often, it seems, that is where the NHS is not performing.

So after the birthday candles have been blown out – what do we think that the NHS would wish for on its’ birthday?  What would make the difference?

  • Is it more money?
  • Is it more and better trained
  • Is it more qualified staff?

We all have our opinions.

Personally, I think it is about being realistic.

What targets can actually be achieved?  Why should post codes make the difference to the quality of care received?  What, realistically, is the answer – is it money or is the way in which the people that control the budgets do their job?

I don’t know the answer.

However, if and when the NHS lets us down it is hugely important to have someone who is on your side.  Someone who can get answers to your questions and assess what the answer might be.

At Swain & Co Solicitors we do just that.  Just like the staff in the NHS, we are dedicated and we are skilled BUT we won’t let you down!

If you, a family member, loved one or friend has been let down by the NHS and you think that has caused further injury to you call us today to speak with one of our team.  We will provide you with expert advice immediately and let you know if we can investigate the matter further for you.

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