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Former builder secures payment for mesothelioma after brothers die of the same disease

A former builder has secured £260,000 in compensation following his diagnosis of mesothelioma.

The man was diagnosed with mesothelioma after falling ill in 2016 having suffered from shortness of breath.  As a result of his symptoms, he was forced to quit his job as a contracts manager for a construction company.  Due to his symptoms, the man suspected that he was suffering from mesothelioma having previously watched both his brothers pass away from the same disease.

The man came into contact with asbestos when working for construction companies in the 1970’s.  During the course of his career, he was regularly required to handle sheets of Asbestolux (asbestos insulating boarding) and often swept up the dust which was produced from them.  He was also exposed to asbestos dust when visiting sites where Asbestolux and Artex were used.

When the man suspected that he might be suffering from mesothelioma, he was aware of what his prognosis would be having watched his two brother’s pass away from the same disease.  The man was quoted as saying “it is almost beyond belief that as recently as 30-40 years ago, large companies were knowingly exposing their employers to lethal chemicals…they placed ticking time bombs over our heads while burying their heads in the sand.”

The man instructed a legal team to pursue his claim and secured over £260,000 compensation so that immunotherapy could be provided to improve his quality of life and extend his prognosis period.

His claim was initially contested after one of the defendants claimed that any exposure to asbestos dust that had taken place had not exceeded permitted safe limits.  However, this was conceded at a pre-trial meeting between the parties. 

Mesothelioma is a very aggressive form of Cancer which most commonly affects the pleura but can also affect peritoneum.

The Latency period (time before onset of symptoms) is thought to be around 40 years but can be longer or shorter. In the later years of the latency period, the victim will have the tumour growing inside them but will be unaware of its presence. Once diagnosed the victim will have median survival time of 9-12 months.

Johnathan Steventon-Kiy, specialist Industrial Disease, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Lawyer says,

“This is a tragic case and one that could so easily have been avoided but for the negligence of this man’s employers. It is hard to comprehend what this man would have felt after his diagnosis having watched his siblings pass away for the same disease previously.”

Johnathan Steventon-Kiy and the Industrial Disease team at Swain & Co Solicitors regularly win compensation for their clients who suffer from industrial diseases, including asbestos related illnesses. If you, a family member or a friend suffer from an industrial disease contact our team today on 02392 483 322. 

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