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Ministry of Justice confirms whiplash reforms are delayed to April 2020

Ministry of Justice confirms whiplash reforms are delayed to April 2020.

Government pushes back whiplash reforms for “extensive testing”.

Reforms that will have a huge impact on the personal injury sector have been delayed until April 2020. The Government want to introduce a “fixed fee” for soft tissue injuries with injury duration between 0 and 24 months. For example if your injury lasts between 0-3 months, you can only claim compensation up to £225.00. They are also planning to increase the Small Claims limit for car accident claims to £5,000.00 (currently £1,000.00) and to increase the Small Claims limit for all other types of personal injury to £2,000.00 (also currently £1,000.00).

This will therefore mean that people who are involved in Road Traffic Accidents and who suffer whiplash type injuries where the injury is valued at £5,000.00 or below, the Claimant will be expected to run the Personal Injury claim themselves with no professional legal advice.

This will be done by members of the public having access to an online system, which has not yet been designed, to register and run their claim.

Whiplash is often referred to as a neck sprain/strain. It is an injury to the soft tissues of the neck and back and is defined as an injury caused by a severe jerk to the head, typically in a road traffic accident. While symptoms can take 6-12 hours to develop, they can continue to worsen for several days afterwards. Symptoms of whiplash could be anything from a stiff neck to blurred vision, back pain, dizziness, or tingling/numbness in the arms.

These claims are not always straightforward. There may be significant problems with, for example, ascertaining the identity of the correct insurer or, if the accident circumstances themselves were complex, securing an admission of fault. The Government have failed to take these issues on board.

These reforms have been in the pipeline now for sometime. Their argument is that once the reforms are in place, the cost of car insurance will reduce.  Interestingly, studies show that the cost of car insurance is already reducing which begs the question as to why, when they would have such a devastating impact on individuals, they are required at all.

Is it wishful thinking that the Government will eventually drop the reforms? Only time will tell …

Swain and Co Solicitors have recovered thousands of pounds of compensation for clients who have suffered whiplash in an accident that was not their fault.  We offer our free advice in an approachable manner. If we consider that your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we can offer to fund your claim using a “No Win No Fee” arrangement where it is guaranteed that if you do not win an award of compensation, there will be no fee, giving you peace of mind right from the beginning of your claim.

Swain & Co Solicitors feel strongly that it is important to protect their client’s legal rights and give them the quickest and most efficient service throughout their case.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury following a Road Traffic Accident, the Personal Injury Team at Swain & Co will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Call us today on 02392 483322 to ensure that you are fairly represented.

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