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Riot police alleged to have assaulted 15 year old in racist attack

It has been alleged that a metropolitan police officer assaulted a 15 year old black boy in the custody area of an east London police station, hours after his colleague was filmed racially abusing another black man at the height of the London riots.

The officer has been placed on restricted duties pending the investigation after CCTV footage showed him apparently kicking the teenager to the ground and kneeing him.

Specialist Actions Against the Police lawyer Vicki Wright of Swain & Co. says, “Yet again, the Metropolitan Police are facing allegations of racism which raises serious questions about the fairness of the Met in dealing with members of our society.  The decision by the CPS to conduct an urgent review into the advice given by its lawyers about the possibility of prosecuting police officers in these circumstances is, in my view, long overdue.”

Here at Swain & Co. we specialise in bringing cases against the police, and also assist if you have suffered harm from others including prison officers, court security staff or security firms employed by shops (e.g. for unlawful arrest , assault and/or false imprisonment).  We also have a specialist personal injury team.

We regularly advise in connection with claims against the police for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment but we can also help with other actions against the police including:-

  • Assault and battery
  • Harassment
  • Malicious prosecution (when the police maliciously and unreasonably bring criminal proceedings resulting in damage to reputation, person, freedom or property)
  • Malicious process (e.g. malicious applications for arrest warrants or search warrants)
  • Misfeasance in public office ( malicious conduct with the intention of causing damage whilst acting beyond his/her official power)
  • Negligence
  • Trespass to goods or property
  • Wrongful conviction
  • Death in custody
  • Breach of Human Rights
  • Inquests

We act under legal aid and no win no fee arrangements.

Call Vicki Wright now on 02392 479290.  You should act swiftly as time limits apply.

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