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Drill music

Drill music

In December two drill artists performed their song Attempted 1.0 at a gig, as a result of this they breached a court injunction and received a 9 month suspended sentence.

Drill is a form of rap that has found a home in South London. The authorities link drill to violence and particularly gang violence. The chorus of attempted 1.0 includes “Attempted? Should’ve been a murder. How you gonna run with your burner? How you- how you gonna run with your burner? We’re active (boop, boop, boop) Let’s go halves on a burger (halves) Big MAC-10 can I get fries?”.

Politicians are waxing lyrical that drill music is steeped in violence, but is this not simply a land grab to encroach on freedom of expression?

Most music at some point has been said to be morally depraved. The two artists are the first in Britain to have received prison sentences for playing a song.

The Head of the Met Police believes it glamorizes serious violence, but this is not an offence. Films such as American psycho, Texas Chainsaw Masacure etc could be banned if so.

Gang violence is a serious issue, but truly are we getting this right? We think not. Music and the Arts is an important outlet, criminalizing people for such performances is a dangerous route to go down.

This is an attack on our liberties, think about it. Police prevent people performing, the authorities ban musicians and the courts threaten to imprison. Modern Day Britain.

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