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Swain & Co. presentations to Action for Prisoners’ Families

Saturday 30th March 2012 saw three of Swain & Co.'s crime and prison law specialists give presentations to prisoner's families.

Jemma Blomfield, Umar Khan and Rebecca Joyce volunteered to attend and participate in a presentation organised by Action for Prisoners' families. The aim of the day was to give families an idea of the processes behind the sentencing of their loved ones.

Jemma Blomfield goes on to explain, "Swain & Co. provided talks on Joint Enterprise, Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) and Indeterminate sentences for Public Protection (IPP) to help explain the complexities of criminal law and sentencing so that families are more informed about the processes."

Joint Enterprise is not a law in itself, but refers to the ability for a person to be charged with serious crimes such as murder, if the person’s presence, knowledge or actions lead to the serious crime happening.

MAPPA is a set of arrangements for supervising offenders in the community. Principally it is a set of agencies that come into contact with the offender and can share information and monitor the risk factors after the offender is released.

IPP is a sentence giving for a range of violent or sexual offences. It is often described as a life sentence in disguise.

An IPP prisoner is given a ‘tariff’ which is half of the sentence they would have been given if they were given a determinate, or fixed length, sentence. The prisoner must serve the full tariff before being considered for release. Then the prisoner will only be considered for release if the parole Board is satisfied that he or she is no longer a risk to the Public.

The talks were well received, and Sarah Salmon, the Assistant Director of Actions for Prisoners' Families contacted us to say, "Thank you so much for giving up your Saturday morning to come and speak at our event. Your presentations were all brilliant. They were clear, concise and to the point" and "very useful".

Here at Swain & Co. we specialise in criminal defence and prison law. If you need, or have a loved one who needs, criminal defence call our Crime team on 02392 483322 or 24/7 on 07977 519306.

Or if your friend or family member is in prison we can help too. We have specialist teams for Prison Law at all our branches and we provide nationwide service:

02392 483322 (Havant/Portsmouth)

02380 631111 (Southampton)

0208 6929100 (London)

0151 2552286 (Liverpool)

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