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Expert Services
Expert Services
A quality personalised service from a law firm based in Portsmouth/Havant, Southampton and Liverpool. We can help you. We will provide free first advice. Our lawyers are specialists in their areas of work.
Our Team
Our Team
We have specialist lawyers, many of whom are recognised as leaders in their respective fields and also share our unique focus on quality service and putting our clients first. Click here to find out more about our legal experts.
Fees & Figures
Fees & Figures
We provide a number of payment options: No Win No Fee, Legal Aid, Monthly payments, Fixed fee payment and other options. Here you can learn more about our payment options.

Financial Arrangements

Financial Arrangements

Specialist Areas

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The breakdown of a marriage or partnership is a difficult time which is only made worse by financial worries.

“We will endeavour to help you resolve your problems with as little expense and acrimony as possible.”

Samantha Lee, Managing Director

Separation, divorce and finances can bring many questions, such as where you and your children are going to live and whether you will be able to afford the bills.

Swain & Co Solicitors' Family law solicitors are experts in advising and representing you in respect of the division of your finances including, property, income and pensions.

Even if you think that you do not have any assets to divide, or you have reached an agreement on how things are to be divided, we would suggest you may wish to formalise this to avoid potential claims in the future from your ex-partner.

Future Claims - it doesn't all end on divorce - Download our free information sheet here.

In order to try and reach an agreement you can use a variety of methods. You can negotiate between yourselves, negotiate through solicitors, use the court process or mediation.

Our family team will:

  • Advise you on the possible entitlements you may have
  • Help you reach an agreement with your ex-partner, whether through Family Mediation or through negotiation between us and your partner’s solicitor
  • Make a legally binding agreement through a formal consent order or contract
  • Help you bring an application through the court if you are unable to reach an agreement with your ex-partner

What Am I Entitled To? Download our free information sheet here

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Funding Options:

We offer various funding options so you can choose which services you feel suit you best.

Fixed Fee: Your Finances, Your Way

We can help you budget and provide peace of mind. We offer fixed fees in stages so you can consider the cost of each step before deciding how you wish to proceed. We encourage settlement at each stage and therefore if an agreement is reached at any time, you will only pay for the steps taken for you.

Pay As You Go

You can represent yourself in the proceedings and then we can provide you with advice and assistance as and when you need it. You will stay in control of your case and we can provide stand-alone advice when you feel that you need some input or guidance.

Full representation

If you want to hand your case over to us, we can manage everything for you and represent you throughout the process. We can deal with all correspondence on your behalf and advise you throughout.

We will meet you for free to discuss which option may be best for you.
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