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Cauda Equina Syndrome

Cauda Equina Syndrome

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Cauda equina syndrome is a rare and serious condition where the sensory and motor nerves running through the muscles of the legs, buttocks, bladder, bowel and genitals become damaged at the base of the spinal column.

It can arise from compression through accidental injury, pressure from a prolapsed disc, or blood clot forming in the lumbar spine. Cauda equina syndrome can result in temporary or permanent symptoms depending on the degree of damage and whether or not the condition has developed.  Early detection of this condition is therefore crucial in minimising long term damage. The symptoms of Cauda equina syndrome are similar to that of many others and can therefore be easily misdiagnosed.

Cauda equina symptoms can include:

  • Acute lower back pain
  • Paralysis of or pain in one or both legs
  • Bowel disturbance
  • Difficulty passing urine
  • Pain in the inside of your thighs
  • Rectum pain (in the bowel and anus)

Some of our cases:

  • Our client made complaints of severe back pain, constipation and reduction in mobility. He was ignored by his GP, nursing staff and A&E hospital staff when he sought help from hospital. His Cauda Equina Syndrome was misdiagnosed for 10 days before he got treatment. By this time our client suffered irreversible damage and now requires lifelong care.

“Swain & Co Solicitors are experienced in dealing with cases involving Cauda equina syndrome.”

Melanie Lidstone-Land | Senior Associate in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury

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Our specialist team of medical negligence lawyers have many years experience in helping clients with complex Cauda Equina claims.

They choose us because we treat them and their case individually. Working purely for individuals allows us to focus on the most important thing in you case - You!

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