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Expert Services
Expert Services
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Our Team
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Surgical Negligence

Surgical Negligence

Specialist Areas

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Liverpool Surgical Negligence Solicitors

Surgery was a revolutionary development of modern medicine, and thankfully most surgery is carried out successfully, but sometimes mistakes happen.

Medical mistakes made during surgery can have devastating effects.

Swain & Co Solicitors are experienced in advising those people, and their families, who have suffered as a result of surgical negligence - from serious injury or even loss.

We handle surgical negligence claims from our offices in Liverpool, Havant near Portsmouth and Southampton. This enables us to advise victims of surgical negligence nationwide.

Personalised legal care with Surgical Negligence Claims

Each person and each claim is personal, that is why we offer a personalised service for our clients, providing specialist advice for injury caused by medical negligence during planned procedures, keyhole surgery and emergency surgery.

Our experience includes surgical negligence claims arising from general surgical errors to mistakes made during procedures such as organ transplants and organ removal, neurosurgery (brain surgery or central nervous system surgery), hysterectomy and other complex surgery.

Common surgical negligence faced by our clients includes:

  • Serious damage to nerves or tissues around the surgical site
  • Operations performed on the incorrect part of the body
  • Removal of healthy tissue or organs by mistake
  • Anaesthetic mistakes leading to permanent nerve damage or brain injury, stroke or psychological distress
  • Unnecessary surgery being performed due to misdiagnosis or confusion within a person's medical records

To bring a surgical negligence claim, it must be proved that the surgeon or assistants in theatre failed to meet the necessary standards of care required of their profession.

We can help you by investigating and analysing medical records to determine evidence of medical negligence.

Specialist lawyers for Infection Claims arising from Hospital or Surgical Negligence

Hospital patients who have gone through surgery are also at high risk of developing bacterial infections caused by MRSA.

MRSA is resistant to most antibiotics, and is known as a superbug, and can cause serious skin infections and illnesses such as pneumonia or septicaemia (blood poisoning) if ingested.

Hospital patients are more prone to contracting MRSA as it tends to infect those who are already ill or have weakened immune systems.

Claims for medical negligence can arise from failure to diagnose or treat infection. Warning signs may be missed and symptoms misdiagnosed with devastating consequences.

If you or a loved one has developed an MRSA infection following surgery or at hospital, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim.

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