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Expert Services
Expert Services
A quality personalised service from a law firm based in Portsmouth/Havant, Southampton and Liverpool. We can help you. We will provide free first advice. Our lawyers are specialists in their areas of work.
Our Team
Our Team
We have specialist lawyers, many of whom are recognised as leaders in their respective fields and also share our unique focus on quality service and putting our clients first. Click here to find out more about our legal experts.
Fees & Figures
Fees & Figures
We provide a number of payment options: No Win No Fee, Legal Aid, Monthly payments, Fixed fee payment and other options. Here you can learn more about our payment options.

Housing Disrepair

Housing Disrepair

Specialist Areas

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We get repairs done | No Win No Fee

Is your rented property in a poor state of repair?

Is your landlord ignoring you?

Are the problems causing a serious risk to you and/or your family’s health?

As a tenant, you do not have to put up with squalid and appalling conditions.

  • One of the major problems with rented properties is dampness. Not only is this unsightly but can cause damage to your belongings and more significantly, it can be a serious health risk, particularly to the very young and to the elderly.
    If you already suffer with asthma, for example, living in a damp and cold environment can be very serious.
  • Or maybe you have a problem with a faulty boiler or/and you have no heating. This also can be a serious health risk to the very young and elderly.
  • Or maybe the electrical wiring is dangerous causing a safety risk to you and your family.

If you would like advice on problems you are having with your property, contact us now and we can return your call.

Legal Aid is available for these types of problems and we can consider assisting you under a No Win No Fee agreement.

We offer housing advice throughout Hampshire and East Dorset under our Housing and Debt contract with the Legal Aid Agency. Our team of housing law solicitors and advisers offer advice on Housing law issues including disrepairs and possession proceedings.

Court Advice Schemes

Swain & Co Solicitors have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme at Portsmouth County Court on days where there are Possession Claims listed. These days vary depending on the court.

We have advisers on hand at Court to represent those facing eviction from their home, regardless of their income. If you have a possession hearing listed on one of those days in relation to rent arrears or mortgage arrears, simply attend Court and ask to speak to an adviser from the Housing Advice Desk. We can negotiate with your landlord or lender, attend the hearing with you and write to you with a follow up letter of advice. In certain circumstances we may be able to continue assisting you under legal aid from the Legal Aid Agency, if you meet the criteria.

If your case relates to a Section 21 notice, anti-social behaviour or any other type of issue that does not strictly relate to rent or mortgage arrears, we would advise you to contact the office in the first instance, as it may be that you cannot receive assistance on the day under the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme, but we may be able to assist under Legal Aid or other terms of funding instead.

If you wish to discuss your case with someone before you attend court then please do not hesitate to contact us :

Havant office on 023 92 483322

Portsmouth Area Housing Advice Clinic

If you wish to discuss your concerns, simply call the office to speak to a member of the housing law team at Havant - 023 92 483322 to book an appointment with an adviser.

An adviser will discuss your housing problems with you in this appointment. Your first interview is FREE. At this appointment you will be assessed to see if you are eligible for legal aid and if so we may be able to open a file to assist you further with your housing problem.

Outreach Sessions

In order to offer housing advice across South Hampshire we have set up outreach sessions to ensure there are access points across Hampshire so that we can come to you.

We currently attend:

Portsmouth Citizens Advice Bureau, Ark Royal House, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2GF – this takes place every Friday and appointments are available every 45 minutes.

If you need an appointment at any of these outreach offices please contact the Havant office on 023 92 483322 to arrange a suitable appointment.

Other areas of law

We have a vast range of solicitors and advisers specialising in many different areas of law. Therefore, where necessary, we can also ensure you are offered advice in related matters from our colleagues, whether it is family law matters (Divorce, Care Proceedings and Domestic Violence), personal injury, medical negligence, mental health or community care.


We have office in Havant/Portsmouth and Southampton.

Call our Portsmouth office: 023 92 483322

Fax us: 023 92 483366

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