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Doreen is a Solicitor within the Mental Health Department.

After graduating from the University of Cardiff with a 2:1 Honours Law Degree she went on to complete the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law Guildford. Doreen worked hard to gain legal experience with various Law firms and spent time volunteering at a local Citizens Advice Bureau. She qualified as a Solicitor in March 2013 and joined Swain & Co in November 2013.

Doreen is a member of the Law Society’s Mental Health Tribunal Panel and represents clients at Mental Health Tribunal hearings detained under both the civil and criminal sections of the Mental Health Act, as well as minors. In addition to Tribunal hearings, Doreen represents clients at Hospital Managers hearings and at Care Programme Approach Meetings. Doreen believes it is vital that solicitors attend meetings concerning the treatment of their clients as this enables them to understand the actual plans the treating team have for the patient moving towards discharge.

Doreen strongly believes that the best outcomes for clients are better achieved when a solicitor and the treating team see each other not as contesting parties, but, as professionals seeking the best outcome for the patient. That being said, Doreen is not afraid of arguing for her clients’ position if that is what is required.

Doreen is passionate about advocating the thoughts and views of her clients and is able to clearly and eloquently communicate these to the treating team and before a tribunal panel. This certainly was the case when Doreen attended a meeting for a restricted client at a secure hospital.

The client wished to remain and be treated in hospital as he had suffered great trauma, racism and poor treatment whilst an inmate in prison, memories of which were clearly still haunting him. The treating team however did not appear to understand the law surrounding prisoners receiving treatment in hospital. Having prepared thoroughly for the meeting Doreen was able to strongly advocate on behalf of the Client in relation to the treatment of prisoners in hospital.  At the end of the meeting Doreen had persuaded the treating team to be open to treating the client in hospital and discharging him into the community, instead of treating him and remitting him back to prison.

Doreen is extremely conscientious and constantly seeks and delivers the best outcome for her clients.

In her spare time Doreen enjoys crocheting, dancing and being with her family.

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