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Yasmin joined Swain & Co in July 2018 having just graduated from the University of Southampton with a 2:1 in her LLB Law Degree, as a legal assistant directly assisting the Head of the Prison and Public Law Department, Dean Kingham and has since progressed to a Trainee Legal Executive.

Yasmin’s studies at university focussed on domestic and international criminal law, transitional justice, human rights and miscarriages of justice; and her dissertation explored the current state of access to justice in the UK, dissecting two strands of access to justice – access to the Courts and access to real justice.

Her role at Swain & Co began by providing administration and assistance to Dean Kingham, however following a successful year in which her passion for prison law has flourished, Yasmin took the next step in progressing her legal career in starting her Chartered Legal Executive training with the CILEx Law School. Following this Yasmin became a paralegal to Dean Kingham and subsequently now is a trainee lawyer with her own case load. She is supported in her training by Dean and other members of the prison law department.

Whilst at Swain & Co Yasmin has assisted in some complex judicial review cases, high level policy challenges and civil claims, along with assisting several clients with parole reviews and hearings, recalls to custody, criminal appeals, sentence calculation matters and category A reviews. Yasmin is always willing to fight for what is fair, and just. Yasmin can assist and help you with cases such as parole and recall reviews for lifers, IPPs, EDS’ etc; to category A review cases; applications to the CCRC and judicial review claims.

Yasmin is a determined, passionate advocate and holds significant interests in all things prison law and human rights. Other interests include criminology, public law and civil liberties, government and politics and sociology.

Yasmin was instructed by the Claimant in R (oao) Smith v SSJ [2020] EWHC 2712 (Admin) in which she was successful in achieving an order quashing the decision of the Category A Team refusing our client a category A oral hearing. Furthermore, she also assisted the lead solicitor in the case of R (oao) Warner v SSJ [2020] EWHC 1894 (Admin) which concerned the independence of the Criminal Cases Review Commission from the Ministry of Justice.

The Government has recently announced a root and branch review of the parole system in England and Wales, which will examine a number of areas in relation to this system. This review has come subsequent to challenges that Yasmin assisted the lead Solicitor on, such as R (oao) Paul Wakenshaw v SSJ [2018] EWHC 2089 (Admin) which focused on the independence of the Parole Board from the Ministry of Justice; and R (oao) Charles Salvador v SSJ  which was granted permission earlier this year to challenge the lawfulness of Parole Board Rules which currently prevent access to public parole hearings. This makes her and the team she is a part of, at the forefront of all things parole.

She has also assisted in several high-profile parole applications, successful category A downgrade submissions, and sent several letters before claims for judicial review for matters which settled following correspondence with the Government Legal Department.

Yasmin is not afraid to advocate for prisoners’ rights, evidenced in her contribution to the BBC radio Humberside debate on PAVA spray for prison officers.

She is also focused on striving for justice and reform for those convicted under the law of Joint Enterprise, having worked with organisations such as JENGbA.

Out of the office, Yasmin enjoys spending time with her family and friends and watching documentaries, running, and reading. She loves her music, and you will usually find her around the office with her headphones on.

What her clients say

'Finally found a legal representative that actually cares, follows promises with action and always there when needed. I couldn't have asked for someone better than Yasmin to help me out with my complex case as she kept me updated throughout, well advised and perfectly represented.’


‘I’ve been with Dean Kingham for 10 years in the last 2 years I’ve spoken to Yasmin Karabasic sometimes on a daily basis. Yasmin has always been a great listener, supportive and when my mental health has hit a low and I’ve lost hope, she has been very understanding of my despair and caring. I’m an IPP prisoner and Yasmin has been big part of me getting open prison. I am so grateful to Yasmin for her role in my journey.’


‘I would like to thank Yasmin for all the hard work she has done on my behalf, and I can honestly say she has always been very reliable and someone I could trust to fight for me. I have always felt confident in her ability to produce work of the highest standard and I would highly recommend her to everyone.’


‘Yaz is part of a fantastic team of legal experts who always helped, advised & guided me through my sentence. There was never anything she wasn’t able to or willing to help with. The tutelage of Dean Kingham coupled with her own drive and desire to succeed for her clients, means whoever she goes onto represent will be in safe hands and get the progression they deserve. Ultimately, Yaz was instrumental in securing my release due to her hardworking, patient, and determined approach to preparing my case. I will be forever grateful for all the work Yaz and all at Swain & co do to fight for prisoners.’


‘At first I struggled to believe she would be able to cope with the complexity of my case. It took no time whatsoever for Yasmin to get up to speed with my parole and category A paperwork, my concerns were wrong, she is an excellent advocate. Yasmin’s down-to-earth attitude and ability to process multiple parts of my case all at the same time is something seldom seen in other professionals. I am confident in recommending her to prisoners who need expertise with their case, especially when prison reports need to be challenged.’


‘I would have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending the services of Miss Karabaisc to anyone in need as her knowledge and professionalism have been a great help to me.


‘Yasmin is always ale to carefully consider all pertinent points of each individual case and is able to structure submissions like no other. I am always satisfied I’ve been represented to the highest standard by Yasmin. Yasmin is punctual, supportive and selfless in her commitment to challenge potential miscarriages of justice and the adverse injustices many prisoners face on a daily basis.’


‘For the first time in 18 years, the service and result I got from a solicitors firm was outstanding.’

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