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Swain & Co Solicitors: What our clients say about us

At Swain & Co Solicitors we know how important it is to see feedback and reviews from other clients.

This page has been created to give you the opportunity to see what our clients say about us and the service that we provide.

Client Questionnaires 2017

96% of clients were satisfied with the level of service they received.

96% of clients said that the information/advice that they received was easy to understand.

97% of clients said that their solicitor kept them up-to-date with the progress of their case.

96% of clients said that we listened to what they had to say.

99% of clients said that they had been treated fairly all the times.

98% of clients said that they would recommend us to someone else if they needed legal help or advice.


Client Questionnaire 2014

95% of clients would recommend us to others

94% of clients were satisfied with our level of service

95% of clients said we gave information and advice that was easy to understand

94% of clients found our staff informative

96% of clients said we kept them up to date with progress

97% of clients were satisfied that we listened to what they had to say

95% of clients said we treated them fairly at all times

Managing client expectations

76% of clients felt that their case outcome was better than we had advised

Client Questionnaire 2013

94% of clients would recommend us to others

94% of clients were satisfied with our level of service

96% of clients said we gave information and advice that was easy to understand

94% of clients found our staff informative

94% of clients said we kept them up to date with progress

96% of clients were satisfied we listened to what they had to say

94% of clients said we treated them fairly at all times

Managing client expectations

73% of clients felt that their case outcome was better than we had advised

Swain & Co Solicitors client feedback

We promise the words below are genuine and are what our clients think about us, but to respect client privacy we have only given initials instead of names.

My wife and I are so grateful to Mr Kingham for ' fighting our daughters corner ' and to you Antonia McMonagle for keeping us updated on this ongoing situation. Our daughter did call us this afternoon but unfortunately prior to my receiving your e mail. Hopefully she will call again over the weekend and I will give her the good news - she will be delighted as are we …

Mr A. (Middlesex)

I am so relieved I cannot stop the tears. I sent out a text yesterday to all my friends and asked them to pray that this would be over, thank the lord it is, I felt sure he would keep arguing.
Thank you so much to you and your great team for all your help and support.

Mrs C (West Sussex)

Dear Samantha, I am so impressed by your clarity and your ability to deal so easily and efficiently with the unhappy circumstances we have been through. Thank you so much for helping me.

Mrc C, Hayling Island

Swain & Co have been there through everything for me, you have not judged me and helped me through some very difficult times. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I would recommend your services to anybody.

Mrs W. (Hampshire)

I Feel highly indebted to write this testimonial to thank my lawyer, his firm and its staff.
Having served almost 37 years imprisonment I was directed to Swain & Co and one of its lawyers Dean Kingham, by a fellow inmate in 2014. I approached them full of cynicism after years of let downs by other lawyers. Well two years later I've been paroled and am shortly due to go out, to a hostel in the city of Stoke.
My decision to choose Swain & Co, has proven to be the best choice ever.
I can't praise Swain & Co and Dean Kingham enough.

D.P. (Stafford)

I would like to send a big thank you to Joanne Allan, and her secretary. Also all of the staff who have been of such great help in my times of need.

S.C. (Doncaster)

Dear Samantha, Thank you for your e-mail explaining everything to me. I would like to thank you really very very much from the bottom of my heart for your work. You are brilliant in your job and I would recommend you to everybody who would need a good solicitor.

A.P.R. (Chichester)

Thank you very much for your truly excellent professionalism. I have recommended you specifically Samantha Lee and your company as a result. I thank you deeply for your help.

D.N (Clanfield)

I would like to express my thanks for all the work undertaken on behalf of A's clinical negligence claim.

S. S. (Southbourne)

Meanwhile, may I again say thank you to yourself, commend your firm for its excellent work and exemplary standards and wish all of you at Swain & Co every success for the future.

Mr R. P. (Havant)

Thank you so much for the care and attention that I received from you all. I was very grateful that you took on my case of suing the NHS for me and our subsequent success when they admitted negligence.

Mrs A P (Bournemouth)

Miss Lidstone-Land has provided a very professional service and has been very precise with all work carried out on my behalf.

Mr P P (Dorset)

Thank you for a very good service and kind, sympathetic solicitor.

C A (London)

Responded that she found our service 'Excellent' in relation to her medical negligence claim due to Melanie Lidstone Land's 'Quick response to all enquiries and she has been kept up to date.

R W (Southsea)

Found Melanie Lidstone Land's service 'Excellent' in relation to his medical negligence claim because of 'fast returns on mail, not being left waiting and procedures were explained well.

J P (Liverpool)

Mr R G (Southampton) said that he found the service received from Melanie Lidstone Land, in relation to his medical negligence claim, 'Excellent' because Melanie was 'Very approachable and easy to talk to.

Mr R G (Southampton)

Asked how she found our service in relation to her medical negligence claim, she responded that it was 'Excellent' because 'Case was dealt with respectfully. Everything explained through each stage and excellent communication from Mr Oliver.

Mrs D (Southampton)

My thanks to your solicitor for representing Mr G in such a professional but also sensitive and compassionate approach whilst ensuring all his rights were exercised within the court of law.

Amanda McBride, Senior Forensic Social Worker Ashworth Hospital

I really need to make a comment about the standard of service YOU, PAULINE Bennett and LINCOLN Barrister have provided and the support from other staff at Swains it has actually been excellent, the results simply prove it!!

WS Portsmouth

This letter is to make a special thank you and serve as a recommendation for your legal services, especially as pertain to child family matters. ...Children’s Services took control of my children, and I ultimately felt helpless, even persecuted. In the face of all of this, Swain & Co Solicitors took on my case, headed by Samantha Lee...Swain & Co Solicitors were always objective in the face of horrible claims and this kept me strong. ...I proudly stood in court on my last appearance as the judge welcomed my husband into the hearing to announce to everyone that my husband was being made the same as a parent by order of the court and that my children were to remain with us under my sole residency.

SK, Hayling Island

I feel like my file is on your desk you deal with things that day I take my hat off to you

L.M, Stafford

Thank you so much for all your help and support with my application against Mr C. I highly recommend you and your firm to all my friends for your efficiency , kindness and results. Yours Faithfully and many Thanks

R G Portsmouth

Dear Kelly Evans I would like to say thank you to yourself and your colleague Sarah Langley for all the help and support given to me throughout the extent of my case. Before booking an appointment with you I was very worried and clueless with my actions, your support very much helped me feel safe and at ease. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Thank you Once Again. Your Sincerely


Oh!!! Jess Connelly, no words can express how so delighted I am and how grateful to you we as a whole family are! What can I say??? Thank you a zillion times Jess!!! Your professionalism, knowledge, skills, passion, dedication, hard work, oh !! Name it, you've got all it takes. I shall remember and treasure your involvement for as long as I live. You are such a great treasure to society

C and P N

I am writing to acknowledge safe receipt of the compensation money and I would like to say a big thank you and all those at Swain + Co for providing the service that you have. Once again thank you all for all the help you provided


Thank you very much for everything I am happy with the contents of the letter. Thank you again for all your help & understanding and most of all your patience.


I can't believe that you and Swain & Co didn't desert me when nobody else wanted to listen to my cry for help. Your help and assistance is not only for business or making the company look good but you are so genuine it is unreal. Helping me when I am stuck and trying your best to do this case when I am so far away goes to show that you are more than a human being and that I respect and value greatly as I was beginning to loose faith in the whole justice system. Well, there are still people who are honestly helpful and so human it is unbelievable. I can never thank you enough.


Without the support & advice this company has given both my life & that of my sons would not have been transformed to the way it is today giving us freedom to live our lives once again and with their continueing support & advice making sure that our rights are protected & continue to be so both now & in the future. I feel that it has been a long & hard battle one of which I could never have won without their dedication commitment & support.


I have been sitting here looking at my screen thinking of words or even a way to express my Thanks to you all, but have come up with the conclusion that there are no words to be able to express our thanks. I know how hard you all worked on helping R and our family, and I know you would probably say it’s part of our job, but I feel you went above that. So please from the bottom of my heart can I once again thank you for all your support and help.


The prioritisation was excellent and once my case was taken on, the commitment was exceptional!! I had reached a stage where I was so close to giving up but having this firm involved was a great transformation to my entire family. I know there are many firms out there but there is only on Swain & Co and I would never change for any other.


I am so happy and glad to have Swain&Co as my solicitors and I have become an advocate whenever I have the opportunity I will recommend this team with such confidence for the work and support they gave me.


I feel privileged and deeply grateful to have worked alongside this team and would feel the same whatever the outcome had been. This was Legal aid at its very best – the “A” team ! The result of this case will transform our lives and make a very big difference to our future.


Finally, I just wish to sincerely thank all Swain + Co solicitors for the first class, excellent and truly dedicated service you have given me in the past 4-5 years and continue to do so up to the present day …


I just wanted to write to thank you for all that you have done for me and J and our family. We are both so grateful.


I have been a client of Swain & Co and I would not hesitate in contacting them again. I would fully recommend Swain and Co who are a well established firm of solicitors to anyone for legal advice. They are compassionate towards you and your case, they are fast and reliable in corresponding to your letters, no matter how big or small there dedicated specialist team of solicitors are there for you to help with any issue you may encounter.


It is no exaggeration to say that without the help of Swain & Co, I would most likely be rotting in a prison cell, like thousands of other IPP prisoners who do not have the fortune to have great representation and help I have … the level of representation I have had exceeds anything I could imagine.


I would like to thank the whole of Swain + Co especially the London and Hampshire offices who helped me to get D Cat category D status for sentence progression and release. Who gave me hope when I thought there was none to have.


Just a short note to say thank you to all you done for me ref my accidents … Thank you for winning my case.


Sam, I’m absolutely over the moon, thank you so so much…You’re top Banana you are! ? I really cannot thank you enough. You've just made my Xmas, Thank you! I filled out the questionnaire and sung your praises, I've said that you deserve a promotion or at least a pat on the back from your boss. I could not be happier with the prompt, professional way you have dealt with my case… Best wishes

SC (Isle of Wight)

H. Thompson, Thank you very much for helping keeping me alive to reach my goal. You are the best!


Helen Thompson of Swain & co is an extremely good solicitor who’s work rate never fails to deliver and always gets results.


Helen Thompson is the best brief I've had in at least 10 years as she takes an interest above and beyond legal issues and explains things concisely and clearly. She's a great solicitor and a lovely lady to boot.


If I should ever need the help of Solicitors in the future, I will be calling on Swain and Co.


Dear Kathy, J (my daughter) and I would just like to send our thanks for your continued support in regards to A. He was released on Wednesday and is setting down gradually. We really appreciate all you have done in being a friendly help and voice at the end of the phone in difficult times. All the best for you in the future.

L and J

Dear Sara, I would like to send many thanks to you for your endless support, advice and help regarding A's case. He was released on Wednesday and is gradually setting down. J and I appreciated all of your time and patience along the way helping us to make sense of things and then support A. It was invaluable. All the best for the future.

L and J